Minor Updates

Okay, things seem to have settled down with the blog app. I love when that happens. It should stay stable until I decide to hack around with it again. One of the more interesting changes I made is that I'm now using Bloglines' public API to display my blogroll. This means that the blogs listed on the right, there, are the same as the ones I monitor on a regular basis. When I add a feed, it'll show up (and conversely when I remove one...)

In other news, two of my customizations to the SubText engine have been approved for the standard code base. This is kind of cool to me because I'm such a geek. Not that I did anything great. My first was to change the sort on the referrers list in Admin. My second was a change that allows me to list a content category as a list of entry links. I needed that second for the "About Me" section on the side. Small things, yes, but still gratifying.

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26. January 2007 12:19 by Jacob | Comments (0) | Permalink


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