I’m Jacob Proffitt and I’ve been on the interwebs forever. I’ve had various passions that I hope won’t be held against me. I’m a software developer by profession and a reader by avocation—romance mostly, though fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult, and new adult by mood. I write lots of reviews over at GoodReads if you want to see what that looks like.

I’d like some day to be an empty nester, but that isn’t looking likely any time soon (though they all got through high school, so that’s a thing).

I’m married to the brilliant author Melissa McShane and sometimes lend a listening ear when she’s stuck or wants to talk something out. And I write books with my partner Jana Brown and that’s lots of fun, too. The pseudonym for the chaste romances we work on together is Jadelynn Asher if you want to head that way for a look. Jana’ll ask me about her other books when she’s stuck or wants to talk something out, sometimes, too. They call me “The Plot Whisperer”, but I suspect that’s just to butter me up so they can pay me in cookies.